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Though we have primarily focused on representing female singer/songwriters and artists of all genres, we are proud to see our roster steadily grow to include speakers and performance artists as well.

Our current live roster includes:

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   With a melting pot of influences that flowed and evolved into modern prog rock... a sound forged during years of touring in various line-ups and expressed through top notch musicianship... Ebb are a genre defying group of five women and one guy with a mission to 'Bring Prog to the People!'.

  The band boldly bring in riveting instrumental soundscapes, spoken word poetry and iconic space whispers to accompany the onslaught of skilled drums, searing keyboards, soulful guitar; all overlayed by Erin's powerful vocals and deeply personal lyrics.

  Not to be missed live, Ebb are an emotional gig experience that will lift you out of your daily life and blast you into the stratosphere. If you have never had the classic 'real gig' experience of a deep heartfelt, moving panorama of sound and meaning then it is time to move away from the shallows of pop music and towards the deep currents that Ebb.

  Coming from very different social and political backgrounds, they play a bizarre blend of music styles resulting in Prog-Rock...sort of. On top of their, at times, thunderous soundscapes are the titanic but always beguiling vocals of Erin Bennett; the Texan, award-winning singer/songwriter.

  With a cross genre appeal and described variously as 'being the bastard daughter of King Crimson and Heart.' or perhaps more cheerfully, 'Prog with songs!' - EBB are open to eclectic description and new fans of all ages.

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Seven women playing New Industrial Metal. With commitment.


“Where’s  the drums?” you ask… They are two women; two sets of sample pads; two  Floor Toms, one Snare and 10 metric tonnes of attitude.


The  rest is as you’d imagine: Keys, five string Bass, vicious Guitar and a  mad Banshee screaming back at hell… killer harmonies, too. 


All pretty standard, really.


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Madbh is the innocence and beauty in art personified. Writing songs, for her, is more like weaving. She collects all of the sensory information of life and poetically stitches her tales together making it impossible for the listener not to be engulfed in her world.

Drawing her musical influence from the folk greats, Madbh's songs, though about her own life and experiences, can be superimposed over anyone of us and still be meaningful and relevant.

Suffice to say, she has the ability to speak to us and on our behalf; and use her silky vocals to soothe our hurt and celebrate our successes!

Having been primarily a solo/acoustic act, Madbh has built a live backing band (The Harlots) from specifically chosen musicians who she feels not only understand her musical ethos, but share in the ups and downs of life that together create the ultimately gorgeous human experience.

Look out for Madbh's debut record in 2020.


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Anna Fraser is a session musician based in Edinburgh, United Kingdom. Primarily focusing on drums, percussion and fiddle, Anna often lends her production and orchestration talents to tracks by the artists she works with.

Having drummed professionally even before graduating with a BA Hons in popular music from Napier University, Edinburgh in 2015, Anna has established herself as one of Edinburgh's leading session musicians and has played throughout the UK and Europe with artists such as: The Tinderbox Orchestra, Mantra, The Kryptonites, Goldstar, Erin Bennett and Krow.

With a quietly confident approach to her playing style, Anna can deliver a very musical performance under many different settings. Her live performance experience has meant that she has played in many styles and sizes of venues, giving her the ability to play to the specific needs of a room and crowd, giving the best possible experience for all involved.

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